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Selenite Charging Plate


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Selenite Charging Plates


Selenite charging plates are the ultimate tool for cleansing as well as charging your other crystals, stones and jewelry.⁠

Selenite radiates a very peaceful, ethereal light energy. This stone is named from Selene who is the Greek goddess of the Moon.
Excellent for accessing your spirit guides + guardian angels. ⁠⠀
Selenite connects you to your highest level of consciousness where you are most open to receiving symbolic messages from the highest sources of Spirit.⁠⠀
Illuminate, cleanse and recharge your Selenite under a full moon and it will radiate the purest, translucent lunar energy into your space.⁠
Place your crystals, stones and crystal jewelry on top of a Selenite charging plate to cleanse away any stagnant energy or negativity and then charge them with soothing lunar light.⁠

Selenite resonates with the crown chakra.

Use this as an energetic healing tool by intuitively moving the chakra wand over your body in a series of sweeping motions to cleanse and balance your chakras.

This also pairs well with Reiki or other energy healing modalities.


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